Sabtu, 27 November 2010

"that you will never fall in love"

so i had a random talk w/ my friend Nisa yesterday. we accidentally met @ mcd and we accidentally talk about it. she told about her life now, love, to be exact, and I, like I always did when I get engaged in this topic, just nodded at friend's love story.

So here it is, the BIG question (well, for me) "gimana Kay udah ada?"

Now I honestly don't really care about this thing anymore, the ömg you're gonna be 19 soon, Y U No have bf" then she said "its because you look like you dont need a boy to accompany you"

at first i was like :O.... big O. whats that. do i really look like that. i already get used to "lo terlalu menutup diri"thing, but this. it's new. she said i'm too independent, and don't event think to rely on boy. and then i cant get this out of my mind for like, 2 days (ciee uuu).

earlier this week, i told my friend that ï think i dont even need a bf so whats the rush." so i had a little research, that being dependent is not a bad thing. why you handle things alone when there's someone ready to help yauuu.

ga kuat deh nulis bahasa inggris kok kesannya kalo ga gloomy/cheesy/emo. geli (selalu geli sama tulisan sendiri) oh iya, @ayayae a.k.a Shavira bilang "duh lagu Let My Love Open the Door bener bgt nih AMIN ada yang gini. betululululul ditunggu ya siapa yg punya KEY to heart (wkwkwkkw jijay)

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