Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

minutes to midnight

the clock is on it's way to 12 a.m, and i've got 12 tabs on my laptop at the moment.

1. Facebook
2. Supernova Tube (streaming gossip girl ep. 24)
3. Blogger
4. Google
5. Kim Hyun Joong- telusuri dengan google
7. youtube
8. Myspace
9. Windows Live Messenger
11. someone's blog
12. someone's profile on facebook


Todayeayeay's report:

so, today's plan got screwed up. but i ended up went home joyfully because i bought a lot things. yes i was shopping alone, and it's satisfying though.

And i laughed because of this sms R sent:

"best friends won't leave your side, tapi maaf ya kita ninggalin. kita tetep best friend ya?"

seriously i can't stand "best friend forever" words. but yes lah you're my best buddy ;p

1 komentar:

  1. buakakak kaaay itu nyari quotenya di google loh blink 182 lageeh haha itu yg paling ngk cheesy lumajan lah