Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

week 2

then i realize, I avoid close emotional relationship. that's why i back off from bfgf thing, but still whine about one. grhhh i already ndntndnntndnntnt from family and friendship thing because distance sucks. why bother to add one. UGH I MISS PEOPLE but people seems don't miss me, ya i know it's lame but still ;_; I get emotional just by people ask when will i come home huu, but when i get back home, everyone seems so busy with their own business. and i hate the feeling of go back to here, so it seems better to stay here and doesn't feel that feeling. i hate to feel some distance with my previously close one. like, don't know what they're up to anymore. i hate to know about what people up to through twitter. i hate basabasi. ugh i just have to end it here or the bolster will be wet

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