Rabu, 12 Januari 2011


all things don't seems right suddenly

first, college. i'd really love to leave that thing and live happily ever after at jakarta

second, my birthday. where to spend it is a big deal for me. fvck jaket himpunan i'm sorry i don't care about you. i only care about my 19th that i want to spend it here, at jakarta. no matter how lovable bandung is

third, i'm about to correcting my statement. the one that i really sorry for people who don't know who their bestfriend are, or don't they have one. surprise surprise, i'm feeling that now 0_O it's so human after all

to all of youuuu I want to randomly say I love you guys. all of you. just to make this feel better

toodles, annyeongi gaseo

PS: wildan said i look like her. yes, Giuliana Rancic. LOL???? did he spent too much time watching E! news?

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  1. bihepihepihepihepi like temon ya yuliana kaycic :D