Kamis, 23 Desember 2010


HAVE YOU EVER...............

after a good day, you take a long way home alone. then you suddenly feel really miserable. there's even a pang, a big hole, in your chest. you didn't know exactly what it is. but it's really makes your face turns :( even worse, when you feel like you wanna spill it out, it turns :""""""""""""""""""(

and you didn't even know what is, so you can't share it to your close ones.


EVEN WORSE, you can't just cry it out like that. because you sleep in a share room with your sister.

oh well, let's smile to this .gif that tells you to smile :)))))))))))))

T: come on bibirnya tarik, senyum. up up up! (y)

2 komentar:

  1. ih kenapaciih? :o)) kok milkclub kayak onyon?

  2. udh :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) gara2 keinget bio si permen (cetek bgt tingkat kebahagiaannya)